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A wet day

December 17, 2008

Like today you shouldn’t even have to get out of bed before 12 o clock, but somehow we managed to be up and ready at 8.30 picked up Anton and some breakfast at statoil then of to the spot which  was at some old power plant. It rained from the moment we got out of bed to the moment we got back to our beds.

Nothing quite worked out as planned. Peters flashes stopped working in the rain, i tried my best to protect my camera from all the water pouring down, and the spot didn’t work as we planned.

But the worst part was that the road down to the spot was a pretty damn long and super icy hill. Guess if we got stuck 😛 Luckily we got out of there with some mad driving skills and brutal manpower

Hopefully it wont rain anything tomorrow.

rain1I dont like it when it rain…

rain21Ghetto way to keep your camera dry

rain3Anton doesnt like the rain either

rain4Nils got stoked when the session was over. 5min later we got stuck with the cars.. DOH!