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Nitro Roadwarriors Spring clip

May 20, 2009

The Nitro Roadwarriors meets the spring and the end of a long season in the slushy parks of Sweden.First they visit Funäsdalsberget and then Tandådalen. This is a short sneak peak of the trip.

Full movie dropping in fall 2009.

Riding by: Anton Gunnarsson, Anton Bilare, Johannes Skottheim, Tobias Karlsson, Sindre Iversen, Andreas Wiig, Nils Arvidsson & Mattias Nyberg

Filming & Editing By Magnus Törnkvist.



Umeå/Ruka Video

April 10, 2009

Watch the Roadwarriors crew as they first venture deep into the dark mines of northern Sweden and then on to the mighty forests of Ruka in northern Finland.

This is some impressions from our trip.

Happy Easter everyone!


Yesterday was epic!

April 1, 2009

We went up to hit the oxborn corner once again, this time with photgrapher Daniel Blom. At first it looked like it wasnt gonna be a session, greybird and snowstorm. But somehow the weather cleared up, the skies opened and we got an amazing sunset to play with! It was so sick!

suns1Jonte going big

suns2Tobbe enjoying the view




March 24, 2009

A really nice day today, the sky was blue and the sun was shining like crazy. We hit the oxborn kicker the whole day, got alot of good stuff done and in the afternoon we tried out the corner.

Good day for sure!


tanda2Happy Tobbe!

tanda32Jonte flying high!

Poland video

March 19, 2009

The Roadwarriors crew goes roadtrippin in Poland and learns that even cars with 4×4 sometimes get stuck in the snow.

also on Vimeo

Update from the North

March 5, 2009


After being kicked out from two spots the same day in Umeå we left and went for Antons hometown more inside the country. We did some spotscouting and found a cool drop to wallride that we did the same day. The townspeople were really stoked and a crowd gathered to watch. 

But some of them were not that stoked so they tore down another tranny that we built for the next day 😛

Yesterday Antons childhood friend Jens took us down to a mine with a sick church 90 meters underground. Theres a story that when the miners blew up some rocks they discovered a picture of Jesus, and thats were they built the church. Link here. So that was pretty sick!

After that we built up a pretty big ollie over a fence, and once again we gatherd a crowd of bystanders. Atleast 35 people stayed and watched. Then someone complained about the sound the winch was making so we had to quit, got some stuff done anyways so thats sick.

Today we went back to Umeå since there were no spots left todo in the redneck town Antons from 🙂 Gonna stay here and do stuff until saturday morning, then were leaving for Ruka in Finland.

mine1Jesus in the Mine

mine2Creepy snowboarders in the mine

Umeöh week 1

March 2, 2009


Our first week of shooting is now done, so war we hit like 12 different spots, weve got alot of cool shots on the harddrive and also some really gnarly slams.

Today we switch botner for Tobias Karsson, and tomorrow we head for inlandet for a few days. then its of to Finland and Rukka.

Here are some random screengrabs

uma1Anton – Tailcock

uma2Not a good place to catch an edge and fall on your back – Botner

uma3Barbwire is so hot right now

uma4So is bonking trees with your head

uma5Lazyboy tailblock

uma6M6 headquarters in Sweden

uma7No it was like that when we came, NOT!

uma8Off the wall


uma10Watch it!

uma11Sketchy chicken race

uma12Anton takes the kink right in the gut, ouch!

uma13Random construction site


February 13, 2009

Been here since monday now and the trip is now coming to an end, so far weve been shredding in small resort, riding some pow, getting stuck with the jeep more than once, driving alot of car all over the place, riding two rails been drinking some beer, driving some more car, eating pizza, getting completly lost while following the gps, and a lot of more stuff. Going back to Munich tomorrow then back to Sweden! heres some screenshots…

polen1Tobbe shredding on Autobahn

polen2The car was super full

polen3Tobias shredding the village park


polen6We got stuck with the jeep in the deep snow

polen7Polish Army

polen8Nisse ollie on a wallride we found


polen10Mattias on another rail


January 31, 2009

In Kläppen yesterday, madness good weather, sick park and a bunch of good riders! Stoked! Finally we got to film in good conditions!

4klapp1Johannes – ollie

4klapp2Jonathan “Guy in the sky” Nilsson

4klapp3Kläppen Snowpark – Beautiful

A new rail

January 29, 2009

Nils found a new rail when he was walking home the day after some party in Sälen, so today we went up to try it! Everybody got shots on it and some crazy slams aswell, a really nice day!


lrail2The dangers of sliding on wood

lrail3Happy times!