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February 17, 2009

Picked up Jonathan Nilsson at the buss station this morning, and after waiting some hours for Gidlund to wake up we went and picked up him to, We packed the car and headed for this big downflatdown rail in a town close buy. Turned out pretty nice.

lsd1The rail

lsd2Gidlund trying to tailblock… he fell 😛


Merry xmas and a happy 2009!

December 26, 2008

Hope you guys had a very merry christmas and that you get a happy new year! I was kinda sick during xmas so i couldnt really enjoy all the good food, but now im back on it again! Went snowboarding with Gidlund and old friend Kalle K today, it was cold and hard but still fun.

xmas1Gesundaberget behind low clouds

xmas2Kalle K and Gidlund

xmas3Gidlund – fs5

Epic shredding!

December 13, 2008

60cm powpow, a bunch of your best friends, bluebird, first tracks, that’s the recipe for one of the best snowboard days ive ever had on my home mountain Gesundaberget.

This will definitely be one of those days to remember.

epicsunda1Gidlund tailblocking the hell out of that sucker!

epicsunda21So beautiful today

epicsunda3Blue skyes and frozen chairlifts

epicsunda4Can it get prettier?

epicsunda5Göran shredding pow

epicsunda6Gidlund – classic Gesunda moment – bsair in “pumphushoppet”


Some more pics in my facebook album

Another rail in Falun

December 13, 2008

Yesterday we hit this downrail in central Falun, we’ve never done it in the day before but we figured it would be ok. Some old dude that walked by didnt think it was ok though so he called the authorities. But when they came Jonte and Kalle smoothtalked them so we could do the rail anyway. So we did and got some good stuff in the ongoing blizzard.

Today i was snowboarding in 60cm fresh pow on my homemountain with my best friends 😀 more about that in a later post.

falun1Jonte and Kalle smoothtalkin the man

falun2The rail

falun3Kalle found a new friend

Kinky stuff

December 11, 2008

Shot this well known double down rail outside of Falun earlier today, got some mad tricks and bails on the card. As usual it snowed like hell during the whole session and the camera and me would have been soaked if it hadn’t been for my madness good car. Half the session i was standing inside the cargo area of my van completely dry! Sick car for sure, not that exciting to drive though 😛

Tomorrow morning its of to Falun again for some daytime madness then cinema in the evening and shredding powpow on saturday! Sweet!

bjurs1Kalle and a bunch of skiers hiking (No they didnt do the rail)

bjurs2Jonte Nilsson – rock´n roll slam

bjurs3Gidlund – Smileyface

bjurs4Let it snow!

Is this extreme or?

December 8, 2008

That’s what the ambulance driver that stopped to watch said to Gidlund. Well it was not extreme, mainly because the drop in ramp we brought with us didn’t provide enough speed. So it was actually quite lame, but its still better to do something than nothing right?

hos1Gidlund – 5050 fs180



hos5Theres alot of snow here at the moment!

Mora madness!

December 6, 2008

Me Gidlund & photographer Mattias Klockar had a sick session on a really cool spot in Mora yesterday night. Gidlund found it by accident and really made the most of it. As usuall this week it snowed like crazy the whole session.

We were done pretty early so today we went up to Gesundaberget and rode some sweet powpow., so awesome to snowboard on your home mountain with all your friends! forgot the cam home today so no shred pics 😦

morka1Gidlund checking out the madness

morka2Some mad stuff went down..

morka3Me in the madness snowfall

Rail in Sälen

December 4, 2008

This was actually the first time ever i have filmed this well known rail. weird because everybody i know and their grandmother has done it.

We got some good tricks on it and then Mattias was going for something crazy, got really close a couple of times then bailed really hard and broke his board, he made a few more good tries with a broken board  then he caught an edge and smashed his elbow in the hard ground. Nothing that a few stitches wont fix though! No guts no glory!


salen1First slam

salen2Second slam

salen3Bloody elbow

salen4Gidlund – 5o fs180

Some more missions in Mora

December 3, 2008

We did these two spots yesterday, and both of them turned out alittle so so, not that epic but pretty fun anyway. Tonight we might do another rail in another town.

2mora1Gidlund – stall to drop

2mora2Mattias – stalls to drop

2mora3Gidlund – strapping in

2mora4Gidlund – 5050 to fakie

2mora5Its been snowing alot lately!

Filming stuff in Mora

December 2, 2008

Yeah, yesterday night me Gidlund and Mattias Nyberg went on a filming mission in Mora, was pretty stoked to film in my hometown and i think it turned out pretty good!

Heres some pics. Were going out on a railmission tonight aswell! Rad!


mora2Gidlund – Layback

mora3Mattias & Gidlund

mora4Mattias Nyberg – Bslip