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May Pow

May 4, 2010

Me and Gustav found some windblown powpow and took two fun runs, filmed the second one with my lx3.


Another bluebird day

April 26, 2009

Tired from yesterday, we sleept a little longer today, as usual i was the first one to wake up, so i checked the weather and woke everyone else up, mr Nyberg was the hardest one to wake up since he was out partying the whole night, but after some terrorising he gave up and got up.

I filmed the bigger kicker in the park from a ladder on the plateau, and sometimes it was really scary. For example when some of the guys were drifting right towards me i almost jumped of the ladder. But it turned out good and we got some sick shots. After that we shredded on some of the smaller features.

Here´s some screens

3fun1Nyberg about to drop

3fun2Bilare – frontseven shifty

3fun31Done with the jump

3fun43Sandy and Matte between the trees


February 17, 2009

Picked up Jonathan Nilsson at the buss station this morning, and after waiting some hours for Gidlund to wake up we went and picked up him to, We packed the car and headed for this big downflatdown rail in a town close buy. Turned out pretty nice.

lsd1The rail

lsd2Gidlund trying to tailblock… he fell 😛

Whos who?

May 27, 2008

L for love my friend 😉