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More bad weather..

April 28, 2010

So we didnt get the chance to hit the kicker yesterday either, bummer! way to much wind and generally sucky weather so we left Åre and went back to Ramundberget, I had a quick look at the weatherforecast when we got there and decided to go home and rest before the final shoot in Tandådalen, hope the sun will be with us there!

this clip pretty much sums it up!

Lolli checks out the frozen landscape somewhere close to Ramundberget

On the drive home i met mr and mrs Moose



April 25, 2010

Today we went from Ramundberget to Åre, were gonna stay here until Tuesday evening then its back to Ramundberget again. We just ate an epic meal at Max and now were chilling in our mega nice crib.

Sindre and Lolli somewhere along the road

On the road again…

Nice apartement!

Umeå tomorrow

February 14, 2010

The trip home from Montafon was a pretty crazy experience, bad weather in Munich, cancelled and delayed flights all over, we got to board our plane after some delays just to find out that the runways were closing so they could take away the snow. That resulted in us sitting in the plane for about 5 hours before taking off. Naturally we missed our connection flight in Zurich so we had to spend the night there. The morning after we finally made it to Sweden, i booked a trainticket and when it was time to go they decided to cancel my train so i hade to take a buss, still not making it all the way home though so my lovely girlfriend had to come and save me and take me home!

Tomorrow im driving up to Umeå to shoot rails and some other crazy jibbs, its gonna be legendary!

Going to Austria tomorrow

January 23, 2010

Me, Mattias Nyberg & Anton Bilare are heading down to the Nitro team house in Montafon tomorrow for some shooting, so finally there will be some updates on this site 😛 Stay tuned!

Poland video

March 19, 2009

The Roadwarriors crew goes roadtrippin in Poland and learns that even cars with 4×4 sometimes get stuck in the snow.

also on Vimeo


February 13, 2009

Been here since monday now and the trip is now coming to an end, so far weve been shredding in small resort, riding some pow, getting stuck with the jeep more than once, driving alot of car all over the place, riding two rails been drinking some beer, driving some more car, eating pizza, getting completly lost while following the gps, and a lot of more stuff. Going back to Munich tomorrow then back to Sweden! heres some screenshots…

polen1Tobbe shredding on Autobahn

polen2The car was super full

polen3Tobias shredding the village park


polen6We got stuck with the jeep in the deep snow

polen7Polish Army

polen8Nisse ollie on a wallride we found


polen10Mattias on another rail

Pics from Indonesia

December 2, 2008


Better late than never, heres the link to my facebook album with pics from my vacation in Indonesia.


Back in Sweden…

November 8, 2008

Got home from Bali on Thursday. Sweden is cold and grey, havent seen the sun since we landed on arlanda. Hopefully some snow will fall soon..

Indonesia was great, cant wait for next year!

Longer post with alot of pics is coming sometime next week maybe. This weekend is all about chilling and hanging out.

magnusmawiMe Hanging out on the cliffs above Mawi, Lombok

Im outta here!

September 7, 2008

This is what ill be doing the following 2 months, see you again when the snow starts falling in november! cheers!

Going on vacation soon!

August 30, 2008

Ive been really busy with the swedish nitro movie the last 3 weeks, and now its almost done, and im going on vacation in 8 days, stoked on that!

Went surfing again yesterday, super fun, we even got some sun in the afternoon!

heres some pics