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Summer is almost here now!

May 18, 2010

So not that much will go down here. Just complete random things. Heres some snaps from a walk in the woods the other day.


Mika and Thelma taking a bath

Lake Siljan



What a weekend!

April 5, 2009

Spring is finally here! Went to Gesundaberget with my girl on saturday, shredded, tanned and drank some beers in the sun, so nice! Today was nice aswell chilling outside and going for a long walk.

week1Mmmm beer..

week2The view while drinking beer, also mmmm..

Pics from Indonesia

December 2, 2008


Better late than never, heres the link to my facebook album with pics from my vacation in Indonesia.


Im outta here!

September 7, 2008

This is what ill be doing the following 2 months, see you again when the snow starts falling in november! cheers!

Busy busy

August 15, 2008

Haven´t been blogging much lately, mainly because i havent had the time to do it, Currently working on the Swedish Nitro video, and the same time im preparing for my upcoming trip to Indonesia at the same im also looking after my parents puppy. So im a little busy at the moment. Gonna try to get some more surf in sweden before i fly down to Bali to 😉

Here is the clip of the Bataleon team in Canada, fun times!!

Bataleon x COC = 🙂 from Magnus Törnkvist on Vimeo.

Swedish summer!

July 28, 2008

Pretty sweet to come home from a dark editing room in Innsbruck to a weekend with this!


Going back tomorrow!

July 24, 2008

Back to Sweden again, hopefuly to some sick summer weather, but you can never be to sure with the swedish summer.

The editing has gone really well except that some of the footage that we have to put in the movie and teaser havent arrived yet 😛 Lame

Swedish summer as it should be!

Pictures from the last days in Whistler

July 2, 2008

Still jetlaged like crazy, hopefully back to normal soon :P, Going down to Innsbruck on saturday to hook up with nitrofilmer Pirmin and edit the Nitro dvd the coming 3weeks!

Heres some framegrabs from the last days in Canada.

There are alot of bears in Whistler – heres one of them

Kalle – bs7

Gulli – bs180

Julien – bs7

Gulli – bs180 in the corner

Gidlund – bsair

They had an airbag jump, crazy stuff

Tyler without a beard!



The park at night


American Pirate filmer Justin and his camera

Kalle spins one off

Tyler – fs3

Mike Casanova – spinning in the sunset

Beautiful sunset

The biggest kicker

Tyler – bs5 in the sunset

Piraterider – sweet bs180

Another day at the Camp of Champs

June 26, 2008

Another day in Canada, sunny sky and slushy snow, just as it should be in the summer! we even went to this sweet lake and took a little swim, cold but refreshing!

Chilling at the base of the chairlift

On the first lift up

Gulli tanning in the lift

Oh Canada

Tyler sickass bs5 rocketair

Everybody loves backflips, including Gidlund

Juliens board has trois bases

Gulli handplants the quarterpipe

The glacier

Tristan trying out the corner




Canada eeh?

June 25, 2008

Another post from Canada, pretty chil trip so far, the weather up on the mountain hasnt been all to good yet, seems like the clouds like it up there, had some short periods of sun on monday though. Monday night was sushi night, never tried it before and it was really rad, Gidlund and Gulli pussied out and went for the chicken instead. When we were done eating we hit the town and had a blast! so yesterday was basically doing nothing at all day, Me and Gidlund followed the Helgason brothers to the miniramp and thats about it. Here are some more pics.

Nice eeh?

The upper part of the park

Kalle Eric and Gidlund

Gidlund – fs720 on the first kicker

Gulli hiking

Taking a ride to the miniramp

Gidlund – bsair




Halldor did some weird stuff in the mini yesterday