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The bad weather continues…

March 31, 2010

…and were outta here.

Yesterday we woke up to the same flatlight as the day before. So no rush to get up and go to the hill, but while we were eating breakfast the clouds started to spread just enough for the sun to come trough alittle. We decided to try to hit the kicker but once we were there the skies were solid grey again. We hit the kicker anyways and then packed our stuff and left.

Next up is celebrating easter and reload for all the springshoots that are coming soon! Stoked on that!

Johannes taking away snow from the kicker

Torgeir shaping



January 27, 2010

We heard some rumors that the snowconditions in Arlberg were alittle better than in Montafon at the moment so today we headed over to St Cristoph for some powpow. Sure enough there was alot of good snow there so we split up the crew, Thomas & Pirming went for a hike to shoot some crazy lines and me and the rest of the guys built a kicker. It wasnt the biggest backcountry kicker ever but it looked nice anyways and the boys got to train alittle on how it is to land in powder. Weather was sick the whole day and we got some good stuff on video.

Skateboarding in Jons mini

June 25, 2009

My friend Jon built this ramp at his parents summerhouse, its one of the funniest minis around here. To bad its not being sessioned more often. But today we went there and tried it out for the first time this year, so much fun! Oh yeah the weather in sweden at the moment is kicking some major ass, warm and bluebird all day long, feels alittle bad to be inside editing the whole days.. 😛

Not much going on here

June 16, 2009

Ive just been editing video and spending time infront of the computer the last week. The weather has been crap so there hasnt been any skateboarding going on and there hasnt been any waves so no surfing either 😛 But now the sun is out atleast  so there will for sure be some new skateboard pics up here soon.

Check this one out while you wait.

Afternoon skatesession

June 9, 2009

Went skating in Gesunda with Gidlund & Göran today, loads of fun as usual, have to try to skate more often!

Here´s some pics.

Skate or die!

May 28, 2009

Went skateboarding in Gesunda this evening. It´s been a while since last time i skated, and boy it was so much fun, gonna try to skate more often now! Stoked!

I had my new cam with me to so i snapped some shots of Göran grinding and flying, also shot some cheesy sunset/dof shots when i got home 😛 hehe, love that little cam.

Skate or Die!

April 8, 2009

Went skateboarding with Jon yesterday, first time this year. Had so much fun, felt abit sketchy at first but after some drops and rocks to fakie the feeling was back! Today its raining so im gonna try to finish an edit from the Ume/Ruka trip some weeks ago.



Drop in!


For your information. hehe

Canada eeh?

June 25, 2008

Another post from Canada, pretty chil trip so far, the weather up on the mountain hasnt been all to good yet, seems like the clouds like it up there, had some short periods of sun on monday though. Monday night was sushi night, never tried it before and it was really rad, Gidlund and Gulli pussied out and went for the chicken instead. When we were done eating we hit the town and had a blast! so yesterday was basically doing nothing at all day, Me and Gidlund followed the Helgason brothers to the miniramp and thats about it. Here are some more pics.

Nice eeh?

The upper part of the park

Kalle Eric and Gidlund

Gidlund – fs720 on the first kicker

Gulli hiking

Taking a ride to the miniramp

Gidlund – bsair




Halldor did some weird stuff in the mini yesterday