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Madness shredding featuring myself!

April 11, 2010

Absolutly no doubles or 1260s in this clip 🙂 just some GoPro HD testing i did while taking some laps in the park in Gesunda this friday. Good times!

Going to Trysil tomorrow for some springshooting with Nitro/Volcom, Stay tuned!


Some pow riding!

February 7, 2010

Today the weather was again supershitty, so we decided to take a day of from filming and go to the mountain to do some shredding for fun instead. It was so much fun, me and Pirmin did some sick powruns in the woods and the other guys cruised the park the whole day. Sometimes the sun even showed up alittle behind all the clouds and fog. Tomorrow its gonna be real bluebird so were hopefully gonna be able to hit the jump we build some days ago, stoked on that!

Awesome pow day!

February 2, 2010

For today we split up the crews since we wanted to do different things, Me, Thomas and Nils went to the mountain for some powderkicker action and the others once again went to Lichtenstein but for hitting a huge downflatdown this time.

We went up early and built up the kicker, the sun was out and the skies were blue, sessioned the kicker until the landing was only holes, got some sick spins on video, ate some bagels, built up another small but fun spot, sessioned that one to. Then we took a really fun pow run down to the valley or i guess it was fun for Nils and Thomas i was really struggling with my backpack and tripod in the snow, i even managed to get stuck on a rope that we went under so Nils had to help me get loose 😛 Epic day for sure!

Montafon video #2

February 1, 2010

1 star TTR contest in Gesunda

February 1, 2010

Check it out Also its me on the poster 😉 super old picture hehe.

Doubleflip mania

April 29, 2009

Today almost everyone tried either a double flip or some kind of doublecork, and the sickest thing was that the kicker wasnt big at all. Just a really poppy funny corner stepup thing.

Tonight we chill and tomorrow we move to Ramundberget for the Piststilen contest, could be fun if thers sun! 😉

5fun1Anton – bsair

5fun2Johannes stomps his second doublebackflip ever!

5fun3Nisse in some kind of double rodeo thing

A little bit better today

April 28, 2009

Today it didnt rain, and it actually kind of cleared up for a few moments today so we shoot some tricktip stuff and shredded the slush the whole day, we also built up a better polejam and tried out a downflatdown rail.

Tomorrow its really on cause its gonna be bluebird like crazy! (hopefully if the guys on doesnt fuck up.)

4fun1Nils – bs180 on the pole

4fun2So slushy here

4fun3Johannes flips one of

Rainy day

April 27, 2009

Today the weather wasnt on our side, rainy and crappy so we stayed inside pretty much the whole day watching movies and stuff. Then in the afternoon it cleared abit so we went to the park and did some shredding.

3funas1Matte – polejam

3funas21Anton – jibbing

3funas3Matte & Tobbe

Another bluebird day

April 26, 2009

Tired from yesterday, we sleept a little longer today, as usual i was the first one to wake up, so i checked the weather and woke everyone else up, mr Nyberg was the hardest one to wake up since he was out partying the whole night, but after some terrorising he gave up and got up.

I filmed the bigger kicker in the park from a ladder on the plateau, and sometimes it was really scary. For example when some of the guys were drifting right towards me i almost jumped of the ladder. But it turned out good and we got some sick shots. After that we shredded on some of the smaller features.

Here´s some screens

3fun1Nyberg about to drop

3fun2Bilare – frontseven shifty

3fun31Done with the jump

3fun43Sandy and Matte between the trees

Did someone say bluebird?

April 25, 2009

Insane weather today, super warm and slushy! Today the guys did some kind of spot battle contest, took the whole day but it was kinda fun, filmed some shredding to so it was sick.

For lunch we had barbecue in the sun, so nice, have a feeling its gonna be alot of those if the sun keeps shining.

Here’s some pics!

funa1Tobbe frontflip!


funa3Windshelter for the grills

funa4Kicker in Funäs

funa5Anton & Matte

funa6The crew

funa7The view!