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-36,9 degrees celsius

December 18, 2009

The temperature peaked sometime this night at -36,9 degrees celsius and because of that my car wont start today. That sucks alittle cause we cant go anywhere and film without the car 😛

We got to borrow some electricity for the enginewarmer now so maybe were good to go in some hours if were lucky. Stupid weather…

Found this on youtube. Rage Against The Machine live on BBC, funny how they censored them in the end


Not much going on here

June 16, 2009

Ive just been editing video and spending time infront of the computer the last week. The weather has been crap so there hasnt been any skateboarding going on and there hasnt been any waves so no surfing either 😛 But now the sun is out atleast  so there will for sure be some new skateboard pics up here soon.

Check this one out while you wait.

Found this on the harddrive

May 28, 2009

While organising some footage for an upcoming edit i found this clip from Tandådalen. I was there filming with Tobias Karlsson and Johannes Skottheim, Hampus Mosesson and Stefan Karlsson was also there. While i was waiting for the guys to come back up with the lift some random guy dropped in with way to little speed and caught the toe edge pretty damn hard, so hard that his board and his body actually made a track in the snow, just like in those roadrunner cartoons.

Stefan K. laid down in the tracks for an illustration. Hehe.


Nitro Roadwarriors Podcast on iTunes

April 20, 2009

Now you can watch the Nitro Roadwarriors on iTunes check it out here!


New blogs!

March 18, 2009

Anton Gunnarsson and the Helgason brothers have started their very own blogs, check them out! and

Nitro Sweden movie on Transworld

February 4, 2009

The video i made for the swedish Nitro team is now also online on Transworld snowboarding! Check it out if you havent already!


Crazy long wave

January 20, 2009

Check it out! makes me wanna go surfing so badly!

Onboard webpage

January 6, 2009

A little claim to fame! I somehow ended up in a picture on the onboard webpage. Its from the first filming trip this season with Halldor , Kalle, Anton and Peter,  check out the face i make, don´t mess with the filmer i tell ya! 😀

Hehe anyways check out the rest of the gallery for some more sweet pics from Lundström.


Back home

December 19, 2008

Ice and rain = no snowboarding so we left Umeå today and went home, Marc flew back to Austria, Peter drove back to Skellefteå and me and Nils drove down south. Sorry for leaving you in the scheisse weather Anton 😉

Almost ran into two mooses in the woods, luckily i have reflexes like a cat and managed to brake in time, always sketchy with mooses on the road.

American gladiator Malibu is my new hero just check this clip out! SWEET!


December 9, 2008

Crazy good skateboard game for your iPhone/iPod touch. So much fun to play around with!