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New Nitro clip from Tandådalen

March 31, 2010

See the Nitro riders shred the park in Tandådalen, learning new tricks in the big air arena and finally stomping them in Swedens premier contest “The Oxborn Session”.

Thanks to Tandådalen for helping us out!


The bad weather continues…

March 31, 2010

…and were outta here.

Yesterday we woke up to the same flatlight as the day before. So no rush to get up and go to the hill, but while we were eating breakfast the clouds started to spread just enough for the sun to come trough alittle. We decided to try to hit the kicker but once we were there the skies were solid grey again. We hit the kicker anyways and then packed our stuff and left.

Next up is celebrating easter and reload for all the springshoots that are coming soon! Stoked on that!

Johannes taking away snow from the kicker

Torgeir shaping

Snow day

March 29, 2010

Once again the weather isnt on our side, snow and flatlight all over Tandådalen today and its supposed to stay that way for some days aswell. We tried to shoot alittle bit in the kicker anyways but the snow just started to fall even heavier after a few jumps so we had to give up. Maybe some shots works out though.

Monopol is the name of the game!

Oxborn kicker

Oxborn session 2010

March 28, 2010

Did a fast and raw edit from last nights contest, keeping it real!

About time for an update

March 16, 2010

We did one more streetspot in Mora, Then Tobias and Nils went to Kungsberget for a competition, and Anton went to his girlfriend and i went crosscountry skiing with mine 🙂 Yesterday Tobias and Nils came back and today we went to Tandådalen for some private flipn sessions a la Shaun Whites project x, although we decided to not spend billions of dollars on ridiculous things like locating a pipe in the middle of nowhere and foampits and whatnot. We got hooked up with a sweet jump and some nice accommodation by Tandådalen, Then the first session was on! Nils totally killed it right away landing a switch backside double cork 1260 pretty damn impressive. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Also heres some pics from the last days

Rebate from yesterday night

March 11, 2010

Today we went to another downrail south of Mora, this time the session turned out pretty sweet, no angry ladies just nice people and the cops even showed up to say hello and cheer us on. We got some sick tricks in the bag and went to McDonalds for some burger madness. Full of burgers we build up a sick spot for tomorrow hopefully it will work out good!

Tobias hiking


Epic day turned into crappy night

March 11, 2010

Some people you cant just reason with, they have no clue whatsoever what snowboarding is and why youre building a giant pile of snow infront of “their” stairs. Tonight we built up a spot rode it for maybe half an hour and was only getting started when this lady shows up and starts being rude and claiming shes some kind of authority and talks alot of crap and dont  understand anything and kicks us out.. That pretty much sucked. Videoupdate coming tomorrow maybe.

Nitro boys in town – Mora backcountry today!

March 10, 2010

Anton, Tobias and Nils are in town for some jib action! we started out with some backcountry rainbow tree snowshoe hiking madness today. So much snow in the woods now, spot turned out sick and we got some sick shots! Heres some impressions from today, bluebird and good times!