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One more banger in the shotbank

February 8, 2010

Epic day today! We knew the bluebird was gonna fly so we got up super early to catch the first gondolas, but ofcourse we got caught in some crazy liftline with a bunch of crazy german tourists. Once up on the mountain we split of into two crews, Me Nils and Thomas went to the kicker we had started building a couple of days ago, and Pirmin, Matte & Anton went to another spot. Once the jumps were built both crews got great shots! The kicker we filmed had some serious airtime in it, check Nils track from his first try. After the session was done me and Nils went to the cafe at the gondola and drank a well deserved beer! Tomorrow the guys leave for Ispo but i stay here one more day, and hook up with them in Munich on wednesday instead, then home to sweden on thursday!


Some pow riding!

February 7, 2010

Today the weather was again supershitty, so we decided to take a day of from filming and go to the mountain to do some shredding for fun instead. It was so much fun, me and Pirmin did some sick powruns in the woods and the other guys cruised the park the whole day. Sometimes the sun even showed up alittle behind all the clouds and fog. Tomorrow its gonna be real bluebird so were hopefully gonna be able to hit the jump we build some days ago, stoked on that!

One more day with bad weather

February 6, 2010

One more day with warm temperatures and wet snow, today we tried our luck with a corner wallride. But i guess we have some bad karma at the moment since that one was abit sketchy to ride, inrun wasnt the best youve ever seen and it just didnt work out with the riding for the boys, atleast we got some fun stuff on video 🙂

Snow turning into crap

February 5, 2010

Today we went to Arlberg to shoot some pillowlines, but when we got there the snow was melting and it was wet as hell so the pillowlines were a no go. Instead we did some spotchecking without really finding anything so we ended up buying some leberkäse at the store and then we went home.

Tomorrow well probably go and do a wallride.

Weird day

February 4, 2010

This morning the plan was to go to Bludenz and pick up a rental car so we could split up the crew and do 2 different spots in Arlberg, but when the guys got to the rental place we got the news that the car wouldnt be ready until 2 o clock. So only one crew could go to Arlberg and the other (Me, Thomas and Nils) had to take the train back to Schruns and go to Silvretta Nova instead. We got up the mountain alittle to late to have time to both build and shoot a kicker, so we just prepared a spot for either tomorrow or saturday. Then we tried to shoot a small kicker/ollie into pow but that didnt really work, Nils got pretty funny slam anyway 🙂 When we were done with that we got a call from the guys in Arlberg and apparently they had also built a kicker the whole day, and when Mattias got to do the first jump he did a sick bs7 almost stomped it, and then the whole landing came down after him. He didnt get buried but the session was defenetly over for them since the landing was completly gone. Really sketchy with avalanches so wear your peeps people!

Awesome pow day!

February 2, 2010

For today we split up the crews since we wanted to do different things, Me, Thomas and Nils went to the mountain for some powderkicker action and the others once again went to Lichtenstein but for hitting a huge downflatdown this time.

We went up early and built up the kicker, the sun was out and the skies were blue, sessioned the kicker until the landing was only holes, got some sick spins on video, ate some bagels, built up another small but fun spot, sessioned that one to. Then we took a really fun pow run down to the valley or i guess it was fun for Nils and Thomas i was really struggling with my backpack and tripod in the snow, i even managed to get stuck on a rope that we went under so Nils had to help me get loose 😛 Epic day for sure!

Montafon video #2

February 1, 2010

Update from the teamhouse

February 1, 2010

Yesterdays nightmission in lichtenstein was a complete fail, we had the kicker and inrun pretty much complete, then security showed up and altough he was pretty nice he kicked us out. We came home pretty late, woke up to bluebird skies  and  went to our prebuilt kickers, and when were almost done seting up the sun and the bluebird just disapeared, bummer! The kickers didnt work as good as planned either, but we had some god fun and got some stuff on video and pictures anyways. Might try to do a small videoupdate later tonight.

1 star TTR contest in Gesunda

February 1, 2010

Check it out Also its me on the poster 😉 super old picture hehe.