Weird day

This morning the plan was to go to Bludenz and pick up a rental car so we could split up the crew and do 2 different spots in Arlberg, but when the guys got to the rental place we got the news that the car wouldnt be ready until 2 o clock. So only one crew could go to Arlberg and the other (Me, Thomas and Nils) had to take the train back to Schruns and go to Silvretta Nova instead. We got up the mountain alittle to late to have time to both build and shoot a kicker, so we just prepared a spot for either tomorrow or saturday. Then we tried to shoot a small kicker/ollie into pow but that didnt really work, Nils got pretty funny slam anyway 🙂 When we were done with that we got a call from the guys in Arlberg and apparently they had also built a kicker the whole day, and when Mattias got to do the first jump he did a sick bs7 almost stomped it, and then the whole landing came down after him. He didnt get buried but the session was defenetly over for them since the landing was completly gone. Really sketchy with avalanches so wear your peeps people!


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