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A little tease from the Austria trip

February 26, 2010

Good times in Austria, check it out!


Made it home

February 21, 2010

Snowstorm from Sundsvall and home made the drive alittle sketchy at times.


Mr Plow


Mission fail

February 20, 2010

Second time this rail to firecracker failed because the speed didnt work, this time the winch refused to start because it had probably frozen overnight. So that pretty much sucked. I am so over this cold right now so tomorrow im heading home to do some editing. Gonna be nice to do a little work inside for a change.

Not meant to happen

The Iceman is over it – thats whats up!

Still way to cold

February 19, 2010

Never been this frozen while filming before, its insane how cold it is, fingers and toes feeling like icecubes. Anyways we got some stuff done today, heres some snaps of whats up.

Anton looking mean

Jordan finetuning the kicker

Kooley getting some mad air

A cold day and night

Bonk to wallride setup

A very frozen filmer

To cold for snowboarding

February 18, 2010

Today we went to do a really cool rail to firecracker/pillowline it would have been so sick if only we could get speed for it. We couldnt use the winch cause you kinda have to climb over some stuff to get there, so we tried out the bungie rope, but since its insanely cold at the moment the bungie didnt work either it just stretched and didnt pull back plus the boards didnt glide on the snow at all cause of the coldness, that pretty much sucked. So we went back to town and bought some sick food. Tomorrow were heading to Övik for some rails with natural inrun so hopefully speed wont be an issue.

Shaun supervising Jons nosepress

Nima and Jordan freezing

Mike and Lolli taking it easy with some coffe

3rd day done

February 18, 2010

Today we went to a spot we did last year with some new ideas that turned out pretty good! The only bad thing was that the temperature had decided to drop from a resonable -5 to a icy cold -17 so we were all pretty damn cold. Once we were done we got some meatballs and potatoes and went out to prepare another spot for tomorrow night, so damn tired right now should probably get some sleep.

2nd day in Umeå

February 17, 2010

Today we hit a rail to wallride spot, Anton got some cool shots on it and Jon did some hard slams and then the sun disapeared so we went for some kebab pizza. After the pizza everyone was full and pretty tired i guess cause we just ended up cruising around spotchecking and finally making some plans for the following days.

L1/Nitro shoot day1

February 16, 2010

After a long day of driving i made it to Umeå at about 17pm, went to my sisters place and left my stuff and had some dinner. Then it was game on so i hooked up with the other guys at the first spot, a gap to wallride that they built up earlier during the day. It turned out pretty cool!

Umeå tomorrow

February 14, 2010

The trip home from Montafon was a pretty crazy experience, bad weather in Munich, cancelled and delayed flights all over, we got to board our plane after some delays just to find out that the runways were closing so they could take away the snow. That resulted in us sitting in the plane for about 5 hours before taking off. Naturally we missed our connection flight in Zurich so we had to spend the night there. The morning after we finally made it to Sweden, i booked a trainticket and when it was time to go they decided to cancel my train so i hade to take a buss, still not making it all the way home though so my lovely girlfriend had to come and save me and take me home!

Tomorrow im driving up to Umeå to shoot rails and some other crazy jibbs, its gonna be legendary!

Last day in Montafon

February 9, 2010

Tomorrow i go to Munich and hook up with the other guys and on Thursday im flying back to Sweden! Pretty gooddamn awesome. The time down here has been very productive and weve got alot of stuff done, so im really stoked on the time weve spent here! Today me Pirmin and Thomas went up to the mountain for filming some crazy lines, and the first line we were supposed to film was maybe abit to crazy so we did another one instead. 🙂 Check out the line in the pics.