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Another day another kicker

January 31, 2010

Yesterday everyone was kinda beat so we decided to take a day of, felt really good to rest your body alittle. But to today its for sure game on again, we went up early and hit the roadgap kicker Thomas built the other day and it turned out pretty sick. Then we went for lunch at a place with some crazy locals that probably never seen snowboarders before. After lunch we built a really cool spine like kicker that looks really promising for some crazy doubleflips maybe 🙂 But the day is not over yet, were heading to Lichtenstein in a little while to do an urban spot.

Oh yeah and a big congrats to Halldor Helgason for killing it at the xgames big air yesterday! and good luck in the slopestyle finals today!


Another day in the alps

January 30, 2010

After yesterdays snowfall we just had to go to the mountain today, Thomas and Pirmin had a huge roadgap in mind but me Mattias, Anton and Gus decided to do some smaller stuff instead so we built a kicker at another spot that turned out pretty cool, Anton had a close call with some trees but other than that it went a ok. Later in the evening we went to St Anton to hit the famous ledge that Benedek did in Lame. That ledge is really huge but Anton got nice 5050 on it. Nils also arrived tonight so we picked him up on the way back.


Snowy day

January 28, 2010

Woke up today to some really sick snowfall, and the snow continued to fall the whole day and its still snowing, so were fur sure gonna have powpow the following days! stoked on that. Since it snowed like crazy today we hit two streetspots instead of going to the mountain, we got some stuff on both spots so thats sick and tomorrow its powdertime again!

Video update #1 from Montafon

January 27, 2010

Trashtalk and a bail check out them Swedes in the woods


January 27, 2010

We heard some rumors that the snowconditions in Arlberg were alittle better than in Montafon at the moment so today we headed over to St Cristoph for some powpow. Sure enough there was alot of good snow there so we split up the crew, Thomas & Pirming went for a hike to shoot some crazy lines and me and the rest of the guys built a kicker. It wasnt the biggest backcountry kicker ever but it looked nice anyways and the boys got to train alittle on how it is to land in powder. Weather was sick the whole day and we got some good stuff on video.

Second day in Montafon

January 26, 2010

Today the weather was kinda shitty, foggy and snowy but we decided to go up to the mountain anyway and do a stepdown roadgap kicker. But it didnt really work out as planned cause the snow in the landing wasnt that good. But atleast Anton and Mattias got a little taste of how it is to crash in powder hehe videoclip could be coming sometime later this week 🙂

Heres some snaps.

Checking the landing

Sketchy trees

“I sure don´t wanna go first”

Chilling 2.0 in the Nitro team apartement. Now that Mattias has a brand new Macbook hes gonna relaunch his blogg later this week, stay tuned for updates on that.

First day in Austria

January 25, 2010

So we arrived pretty late in Munich last night, took a train to Garmish and met up with Nitro team manager Andi who hooked us up with a nice place to spend the night.

Early in the morning Xaver Hoffman picked us up and drove us to the team apartement in Montafon, we just throwed our stuff in and went straight up to the mountain. First we just cruised around the resort to se how everything looked, and we even found some pow turns. The resort looks sick and we just need a little bit fresh snow then everthing is gonna be ok.

Since it was our first day we just did an easy jib, roof-to-bonk-a-pole-thing.



Crew setting up

Going to Austria tomorrow

January 23, 2010

Me, Mattias Nyberg & Anton Bilare are heading down to the Nitro team house in Montafon tomorrow for some shooting, so finally there will be some updates on this site 😛 Stay tuned!