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-36,9 degrees celsius

December 18, 2009

The temperature peaked sometime this night at -36,9 degrees celsius and because of that my car wont start today. That sucks alittle cause we cant go anywhere and film without the car 😛

We got to borrow some electricity for the enginewarmer now so maybe were good to go in some hours if were lucky. Stupid weather…

Found this on youtube. Rage Against The Machine live on BBC, funny how they censored them in the end


Its getting cold up here

December 17, 2009

Woke up and looked out of the window today to find some supersick weather and freezing temperatures It started out with some mellow -24 degrees celsius and right now its -29.9

We hit a downrail today, Tobias got a trick on it and Nils slammed hard and hurt himself, hopefully hell be ok soon.

Then we did some spot checking and ate lunch. We might do some more stuff today or maybe not if it gets any colder..

A little spotchecking

Not so warm

A new fresh start on this blog maybe?

December 16, 2009

Snow is back and the season is on! Im currently in Funäsdalen with Tobias Karlsson and Nils Arvidsson, gonna shoot some urban and parkstuff here for a few days. Theres loads of snow and Jonas Wilhelmson hooked us up with a sweet cabin so its gonna be epic.

Lateley i havent posted much new stuff here but since the season has started now hopefully thats all gonna change so watch out for some sick shredding clips and other random stuff.

Heres a little something something to get you started!