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Skateboarding in Jons mini

June 25, 2009

My friend Jon built this ramp at his parents summerhouse, its one of the funniest minis around here. To bad its not being sessioned more often. But today we went there and tried it out for the first time this year, so much fun! Oh yeah the weather in sweden at the moment is kicking some major ass, warm and bluebird all day long, feels alittle bad to be inside editing the whole days.. 😛



June 22, 2009

This weekend it was midsummer celebration madness all over Sweden, if you don´t know what midsummer in Sweden is check out this clip.

Not much going on here

June 16, 2009

Ive just been editing video and spending time infront of the computer the last week. The weather has been crap so there hasnt been any skateboarding going on and there hasnt been any waves so no surfing either 😛 But now the sun is out atleast  so there will for sure be some new skateboard pics up here soon.

Check this one out while you wait.

Afternoon skatesession

June 9, 2009

Went skating in Gesunda with Gidlund & Göran today, loads of fun as usual, have to try to skate more often!

Here´s some pics.

Two day surfing mission

June 8, 2009

This thursday afternoon me and Henke J went down to Gävle for some surfing, the rain was pouring down and the wind was blowing like mad. But the surf was really good! I even managed to get one of my longest rides ever in Sweden so i was superstoked. After the surf we drove to Falun, i dropped Henke there and went home, got to bed at midnight, woke up half past four 😛 hooked up with Pontus packed the car again and went to pick up Henke i  Falun. When we got to Gävle on friday the wind was blowing even more then the day before, so getting in and out of the surf turned into a small adventure all the time. Stoked on getting two good days of surfing! Cant wait for next time!



Nice weekend

June 1, 2009

Sweden had its first real summerdays this weekend, superwarm and sunny weather, so me and my girl just chilled, barbequed, went on long walks and did some swimming in a lake. Pretty damn epic!

And now its time to start editing some stuff!

Here´s some random pics.