Nitro Roadwarriors Spring clip

The Nitro Roadwarriors meets the spring and the end of a long season in the slushy parks of Sweden.First they visit Funäsdalsberget and then Tandådalen. This is a short sneak peak of the trip.

Full movie dropping in fall 2009.

Riding by: Anton Gunnarsson, Anton Bilare, Johannes Skottheim, Tobias Karlsson, Sindre Iversen, Andreas Wiig, Nils Arvidsson & Mattias Nyberg

Filming & Editing By Magnus Törnkvist.



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3 Responses to “Nitro Roadwarriors Spring clip”

  1. p-määännn Says:

    tja man! riktigt fet edit alltså, jag diggar den!
    ha de bra!

  2. stuperhuman Says:

    Dude you have a great eye for shots, literally loving your style!
    But, you’re pretty much rocking my dream job so we can never be friends.

    Stumbled on this blog randomly, great find, I’ll be back bro!

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