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Skate or die!

May 28, 2009

Went skateboarding in Gesunda this evening. It´s been a while since last time i skated, and boy it was so much fun, gonna try to skate more often now! Stoked!

I had my new cam with me to so i snapped some shots of Göran grinding and flying, also shot some cheesy sunset/dof shots when i got home 😛 hehe, love that little cam.


Found this on the harddrive

May 28, 2009

While organising some footage for an upcoming edit i found this clip from Tandådalen. I was there filming with Tobias Karlsson and Johannes Skottheim, Hampus Mosesson and Stefan Karlsson was also there. While i was waiting for the guys to come back up with the lift some random guy dropped in with way to little speed and caught the toe edge pretty damn hard, so hard that his board and his body actually made a track in the snow, just like in those roadrunner cartoons.

Stefan K. laid down in the tracks for an illustration. Hehe.


New camera

May 27, 2009

I recently bought myself a new digicam, so now im trying to learn how to take some sick photos. So you can expect alot of cheesy pictures posted here from now on hehe 🙂

New Isenseven trailer

May 27, 2009

Isensevens new trailer for their new movie Lets go get lost. I filmed some shots in it to.


Nitro Roadwarriors Spring clip

May 20, 2009

The Nitro Roadwarriors meets the spring and the end of a long season in the slushy parks of Sweden.First they visit Funäsdalsberget and then Tandådalen. This is a short sneak peak of the trip.

Full movie dropping in fall 2009.

Riding by: Anton Gunnarsson, Anton Bilare, Johannes Skottheim, Tobias Karlsson, Sindre Iversen, Andreas Wiig, Nils Arvidsson & Mattias Nyberg

Filming & Editing By Magnus Törnkvist.



May 19, 2009

Im currently busy with the editing of the Nitro roadwarrior clip from Funäs/Tandådalen, hopefully it will be done sometime this week.


First surf of 2009

May 15, 2009

Had my 27th birthday the 13th of may, so now im once again alittle bit older and wiser. ( Not really ) And yesterday i got the gift i really wanted!, some waves in the baltic sea! The forecast looked really good and it looked like it was gonna be really epic. But once we got there the waves were not anyway near as big as promised.

But the weather was nice, so we got suited up and jumped in anyway, at least we got to surf alittle, the real winner of the day was Pontus who had his longboard which was perfect for the day.


Nice weather, cold water and small waves

gsurf2Wax that shit!

More pics here

Funny SMS

May 8, 2009

During our last session of the season i got this text message from Mattias Nyberg. He was trying to do a bs1080 but after a bunch of slams he was abit over it hehe. But eventually he stomped a perfect one! For those who can´t read Swedish it says: ” snowboarding is ridiculous!!!!!”


Tandådalen pics

May 7, 2009

Here´s some screenshoots from tandådalen.


Anton – bs5 with some serious style!


tands3Johannes – mean tweaked fs3


tands5Andreas Wiig – cab7

tands6So wet and slushy


May 7, 2009

Haven’t had Internet since we were in Funäsdalen, but Tobias was kind enough to let me use his internetpassword so here´s a short update.

We are now in Tandådalen and pretty much had the last day of shooting yesterday, The weather has been typical Swedish spring, changing between sunshine snowstorm and rain the whole time.

The kickers here were sick and the riders pretty much killed it! A very good end for the season! today the weather is über crap so i guess everyone is going home.

Here’s some pics from the last days in Funäsdalen & Ramundberget.