Update from the North


After being kicked out from two spots the same day in Umeå we left and went for Antons hometown more inside the country. We did some spotscouting and found a cool drop to wallride that we did the same day. The townspeople were really stoked and a crowd gathered to watch. 

But some of them were not that stoked so they tore down another tranny that we built for the next day 😛

Yesterday Antons childhood friend Jens took us down to a mine with a sick church 90 meters underground. Theres a story that when the miners blew up some rocks they discovered a picture of Jesus, and thats were they built the church. Link here. So that was pretty sick!

After that we built up a pretty big ollie over a fence, and once again we gatherd a crowd of bystanders. Atleast 35 people stayed and watched. Then someone complained about the sound the winch was making so we had to quit, got some stuff done anyways so thats sick.

Today we went back to Umeå since there were no spots left todo in the redneck town Antons from 🙂 Gonna stay here and do stuff until saturday morning, then were leaving for Ruka in Finland.

mine1Jesus in the Mine

mine2Creepy snowboarders in the mine


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One Response to “Update from the North”

  1. Camilla Says:

    Redneck hometown?? What’s up with that 😛
    Hoppas det går bra för er.

    /Camilla, Jens å Sir Henry.

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