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Umeå bootcamp

February 27, 2009

Weve been here for almost a week now and been doing two spots a day every day, so now were pretty damn tired. Today is probably gonna be a day of, and maybe were going to some sick spa for some serious chilling. 

So far its been going pretty good, weve only been to the hospital once, cause Anton decided to slice his leg alittle bit open, but other than that we are getting shots everyday!

matteollieMattias “MadSteeze” Nyberg – ollie


Heading upnorth

February 21, 2009

Tomorrow im going to Umeå to meet up with Anton Gunnarsson, Mattias Nyberg, Erik Botner and photographer Lolli.Were going to shoot some wild stuff in and around Umeå for a week, then we switch Botner & Mattias for Tobias Karlsson & Nils Arvidsson and head to Finland for some shredding. Hopefully it will be epic!

Not stoked about the drive though 😛 but hey atleast i pass some Max resturants on the way!

New Roadwarriors clip

February 20, 2009

Filmed this in December/January, some rail shots from Mora, the rest is filmed in Sälen/Kläppen. Enjoy!

Also available on Vimeo


February 17, 2009

Picked up Jonathan Nilsson at the buss station this morning, and after waiting some hours for Gidlund to wake up we went and picked up him to, We packed the car and headed for this big downflatdown rail in a town close buy. Turned out pretty nice.

lsd1The rail

lsd2Gidlund trying to tailblock… he fell 😛


February 13, 2009

Been here since monday now and the trip is now coming to an end, so far weve been shredding in small resort, riding some pow, getting stuck with the jeep more than once, driving alot of car all over the place, riding two rails been drinking some beer, driving some more car, eating pizza, getting completly lost while following the gps, and a lot of more stuff. Going back to Munich tomorrow then back to Sweden! heres some screenshots…

polen1Tobbe shredding on Autobahn

polen2The car was super full

polen3Tobias shredding the village park


polen6We got stuck with the jeep in the deep snow

polen7Polish Army

polen8Nisse ollie on a wallride we found


polen10Mattias on another rail

Nitro Sweden movie on Transworld

February 4, 2009

The video i made for the swedish Nitro team is now also online on Transworld snowboarding! Check it out if you havent already!