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Slam and laugh

January 31, 2009

Matte slams and Jonte can´t stop laughing, fun stuff!



January 31, 2009

In Kläppen yesterday, madness good weather, sick park and a bunch of good riders! Stoked! Finally we got to film in good conditions!

4klapp1Johannes – ollie

4klapp2Jonathan “Guy in the sky” Nilsson

4klapp3Kläppen Snowpark – Beautiful

A new rail

January 29, 2009

Nils found a new rail when he was walking home the day after some party in Sälen, so today we went up to try it! Everybody got shots on it and some crazy slams aswell, a really nice day!


lrail2The dangers of sliding on wood

lrail3Happy times!

Night shredding

January 28, 2009

Was on the local hill today and tested out the new kickers me and Göran built yesterday. They worked really nice so now theres a super fun line with 4 kickers in a row! 😀

gesun1Nice lines!

gesun2The kickerline! 


January 25, 2009

Its´s been snowing nonstop since yesterday! Anyone wanna do some cool jibs this week?

snowIt´s puking!

Kläppen once again

January 23, 2009

Its been snowing alot lately, and today was no exception, we did shot some tricks in one of the kickers in the black line that opened today before the snowfall and flatlight made it abit to sketchy to jump.

Got some cool things on the card so im stoked!


3klapp2Ludwig Lejkner – upside down

3klapp3Matte  – so amped to hit the kickers!

3klapp4Tobbe – BsSeven


Kläppen again

January 21, 2009

Went to Kläppen again today to film with Matte N, Tobbe K and Jonas C. In the morning it looked like the weather would clear up but of course it didn’t 😛 graybird the whole day but it was fun anyway. They hadn’t opened the big kicker line yet so we did some cool stuff on the medium size kickers instead.

2klapp1The t-bar in the park

2klapp2Matte – fs5

2klapp3Nitro boards

Crazy long wave

January 20, 2009

Check it out! makes me wanna go surfing so badly!

Night riders

January 20, 2009

Went snowboarding at the local hill tonight, met Pontus there and rode some fun pow lines.

night1Pontus spraying


night3Pontus on the phone

night4Pontus spraying again

night5On the parkinglot 

Nitro Super Eleven

January 20, 2009

You can now watch the Swedish Nitro team movie Super Eleven on, check it out!

Update: You can now watch it on aswell.