Yesterdays madness

We hit two spots yesterday. The first one was some kind of art sculpture upside down wallride thing, pretty crazy but not that big,, looked kinda cool though.

Second spot was just pure madness, we had to shovel a 50 m inrun to a kicker to a bank to a kicker to wallride and then shovel two landings. And the snow was melting away so fast. I had my doubts before we started but the spot turned out to work really good +  we got to drive Peters crazy towin machine again.

No were trying to decide if its worth to go to Skellefteå or if we should go home. The weather has really been against us the whole trip but we have got some good stuff anyways so im stoked!

umea1Anton – upside down wallride thingy

umea2Building the madness bank to wallride

umea3The church in Umeå


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