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Merry xmas and a happy 2009!

December 26, 2008

Hope you guys had a very merry christmas and that you get a happy new year! I was kinda sick during xmas so i couldnt really enjoy all the good food, but now im back on it again! Went snowboarding with Gidlund and old friend Kalle K today, it was cold and hard but still fun.

xmas1Gesundaberget behind low clouds

xmas2Kalle K and Gidlund

xmas3Gidlund – fs5


Sunday shredding!

December 21, 2008

Went up to Gesundaberget today with some friends, No pow today but still loads of fun! They even had a small bigjump ready so we did some crazy grabs and got mad air!

Fun day for sure!

shred1Its beautiful home.


Back home

December 19, 2008

Ice and rain = no snowboarding so we left Umeå today and went home, Marc flew back to Austria, Peter drove back to Skellefteå and me and Nils drove down south. Sorry for leaving you in the scheisse weather Anton 😉

Almost ran into two mooses in the woods, luckily i have reflexes like a cat and managed to brake in time, always sketchy with mooses on the road.

American gladiator Malibu is my new hero just check this clip out! SWEET!

Yesterdays madness

December 19, 2008

We hit two spots yesterday. The first one was some kind of art sculpture upside down wallride thing, pretty crazy but not that big,, looked kinda cool though.

Second spot was just pure madness, we had to shovel a 50 m inrun to a kicker to a bank to a kicker to wallride and then shovel two landings. And the snow was melting away so fast. I had my doubts before we started but the spot turned out to work really good +  we got to drive Peters crazy towin machine again.

No were trying to decide if its worth to go to Skellefteå or if we should go home. The weather has really been against us the whole trip but we have got some good stuff anyways so im stoked!

umea1Anton – upside down wallride thingy

umea2Building the madness bank to wallride

umea3The church in Umeå

A wet day

December 17, 2008

Like today you shouldn’t even have to get out of bed before 12 o clock, but somehow we managed to be up and ready at 8.30 picked up Anton and some breakfast at statoil then of to the spot which  was at some old power plant. It rained from the moment we got out of bed to the moment we got back to our beds.

Nothing quite worked out as planned. Peters flashes stopped working in the rain, i tried my best to protect my camera from all the water pouring down, and the spot didn’t work as we planned.

But the worst part was that the road down to the spot was a pretty damn long and super icy hill. Guess if we got stuck 😛 Luckily we got out of there with some mad driving skills and brutal manpower

Hopefully it wont rain anything tomorrow.

rain1I dont like it when it rain…

rain21Ghetto way to keep your camera dry

rain3Anton doesnt like the rain either

rain4Nils got stoked when the session was over. 5min later we got stuck with the cars.. DOH!

And here is spot number 3

December 17, 2008

So tired right now. But 2 good missions in one day is really good, the weather is getting a little fucked at the moment, warm and windy but well be ok i guess.


post1Anton – tight is the new baggy

post2Swoboda – nosepress – I wish there were something like a flash for videocameras, would be so sick to play around with!

Rail no. 2 in Umeå

December 16, 2008

Was alot better than the one we hit yesterday night, we got some good stuff in the snowfall and now its chilling time then dinner then nightmission. Yeah for it!

double1Barbwire is gnarly

double2Anton – Stoneyballoney boardslide

First rail in Umeå

December 16, 2008

Was this trippledown, turned out impossible to make the rail without touching the wall, pretty gay if you ask me 😛 Now its of to shred a steep downrail.

3downume1Marc Swoboda – hiking the stairs

3downume2Gunnarsson all tangled up, kinda looks like a method though. hmm

Going upnorth tomorrow

December 14, 2008

To shoot some stuff with Nitro riders Nils Arvidsson, Anton Gunnarsson and Marc Swoboda, Think its gonna be sick! Feels a little bad to leave dalarna now though since there’s a shitload of snow here at the moment. Hopefully its still here when i get home next weekend.

upnorthFilming some rad stuff

Epic shredding!

December 13, 2008

60cm powpow, a bunch of your best friends, bluebird, first tracks, that’s the recipe for one of the best snowboard days ive ever had on my home mountain Gesundaberget.

This will definitely be one of those days to remember.

epicsunda1Gidlund tailblocking the hell out of that sucker!

epicsunda21So beautiful today

epicsunda3Blue skyes and frozen chairlifts

epicsunda4Can it get prettier?

epicsunda5Göran shredding pow

epicsunda6Gidlund – classic Gesunda moment – bsair in “pumphushoppet”


Some more pics in my facebook album