Surfs up in Sweden!

Just got back from a sick surfsession somewhere outside Gävle, a Swedish town 2,5 hours from where i live. It was my first time surfing in Sweden and i must say that it was way better than i had expected, of course the wind was howling and the rain was pouring down like crazy, but boy is surfing fun, makes you forget totally about bad weather.Snapped som pics when i was on the shore, chem em out!

Nice waves – Bad weather

Jon looking for some waves

Me and Jon had a little incident in the water and my board got a little ding


A dead seal, nasty…

So nice!

Oskar agrees!

Pack it up and go home, Sick day for sure!


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2 Responses to “Surfs up in Sweden!”

  1. jonte Says:

    fan va kul det där såg ut då! fett med sälen också, såg inte så peppad ut haha..

  2. magnust Says:

    Hur kul som helst! Sälen var nog för peppad,, hehehe

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