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Swedish summer!

July 28, 2008

Pretty sweet to come home from a dark editing room in Innsbruck to a weekend with this!



Going back tomorrow!

July 24, 2008

Back to Sweden again, hopefuly to some sick summer weather, but you can never be to sure with the swedish summer.

The editing has gone really well except that some of the footage that we have to put in the movie and teaser havent arrived yet 😛 Lame

Swedish summer as it should be!

Innsbruck oder?

July 15, 2008

Yeah, still stuck with the editing shizzle, have been out walking some in Innsbruck now and its a pretty cool town, loads of old buildings and crazy people.

Here´s a pic of some typicall Innsbrooklyn residents.

Back to work now…



July 9, 2008

Yeah, im in Innsbruck, totally stuck infront of the computer, working around the clock with Pirmin to make the Nitro dvd, loads of fun and work..

I guess not much will happen  on this blog until i get home the 25th

later skaters

Pictures from the last days in Whistler

July 2, 2008

Still jetlaged like crazy, hopefully back to normal soon :P, Going down to Innsbruck on saturday to hook up with nitrofilmer Pirmin and edit the Nitro dvd the coming 3weeks!

Heres some framegrabs from the last days in Canada.

There are alot of bears in Whistler – heres one of them

Kalle – bs7

Gulli – bs180

Julien – bs7

Gulli – bs180 in the corner

Gidlund – bsair

They had an airbag jump, crazy stuff

Tyler without a beard!



The park at night


American Pirate filmer Justin and his camera

Kalle spins one off

Tyler – fs3

Mike Casanova – spinning in the sunset

Beautiful sunset

The biggest kicker

Tyler – bs5 in the sunset

Piraterider – sweet bs180

Home again

July 1, 2008

Came home yesterday night, superlong travel, nearly missed the flight from vancouver, sleept the whole day, crazy jetlag.. Ill post some pics from the last days in Canada when im me again

later skaters!