Folgefonna day 5

So nice weather here that its unbelievable, last year i was here it rained all the time, guess karma decided it was time for some sick sun! Today Hampus Mosesson and Jakob Wilhelmson joined the crew, we went directly to the skateramps and Hampus, Jakob & Knut started to session it, i decided to film a little. Then all of a sudden allergy strikes, my eyes and throat started to itch and the sneezing began. filmed a little more and gave up and got some medicine.

Up on the hill we went and we rode pretty much the whole day, got some sick shredding in the camera, and had a crazy good time on the hill! super mega awesome shredding for sure!!

And in good fashion it was barbecue and beach today again, the weather sure is awesome here.

Nightmare for an allergic filmer 😛

Hampus and Jakob joined today

Hampus shreds the skitrekktrase

Jakob spins one of

Stian flippin out

Grabs and pants are so last year, Knut tweaks it in shorts!


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One Response to “Folgefonna day 5”

  1. halldor Says:

    THIS TRIP LOOKS WAY TO CLEAN! damn i want to be there!

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