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Another day at the Camp of Champs

June 26, 2008

Another day in Canada, sunny sky and slushy snow, just as it should be in the summer! we even went to this sweet lake and took a little swim, cold but refreshing!

Chilling at the base of the chairlift

On the first lift up

Gulli tanning in the lift

Oh Canada

Tyler sickass bs5 rocketair

Everybody loves backflips, including Gidlund

Juliens board has trois bases

Gulli handplants the quarterpipe

The glacier

Tristan trying out the corner





Canada eeh?

June 25, 2008

Another post from Canada, pretty chil trip so far, the weather up on the mountain hasnt been all to good yet, seems like the clouds like it up there, had some short periods of sun on monday though. Monday night was sushi night, never tried it before and it was really rad, Gidlund and Gulli pussied out and went for the chicken instead. When we were done eating we hit the town and had a blast! so yesterday was basically doing nothing at all day, Me and Gidlund followed the Helgason brothers to the miniramp and thats about it. Here are some more pics.

Nice eeh?

The upper part of the park

Kalle Eric and Gidlund

Gidlund – fs720 on the first kicker

Gulli hiking

Taking a ride to the miniramp

Gidlund – bsair




Halldor did some weird stuff in the mini yesterday

Some screengrabs from Canada

June 23, 2008

Arlanda way to early in the morning.

Gidlund chilling in Heathrow

Gidlund in the miniramp at the Camp Of Champions

They also have a snakerun here! – Kalle surfin the concrete

And a crazy skatepark – Gidlund bslip

Thats all for now folks! Have a nice day in Sweden while i go to sleep now since its about 12pm here.

Camp of Champions

June 23, 2008

After what seemed to be an endless day of travel we finally arrived in Whistler, jetlaged as hell we just went straight to bed. And today we went to the glacier and checked out the park. It looks really sick but today the weather wasnt all that good so we went down to the skatepark and filmed a little there instead.

We just had a sick bbq meal, and now its almost time to get in the hottub with some cold beer! Ohyeah there  are alot of bears here, and we actually saw one just below the chairlift today! Crazy stuff indeed!

Gonna post some pics later on.

peace out for now

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Going to Canada

June 16, 2008

Heading to Canada and the Camp Of Champions with the Bataleon crew on saturday, stoked on that!

Home again

June 11, 2008

For a little while at least, heading overseas with the Bataleon crew on the 21st, were going to Whistler and the Camp Of Champions, fun times ahead!

Last day in Folgefonna we hit this weird looking jump, only two boards wide in both takeoff and landing. Pretty interesting and really not what youre used to see in a snowboard park, After that we skated some, and i took some allergy pills and only sneezed half as much as before :P. The day after the weather crapped out and we went home.

Jakob – upside down

The train

Moguls were epic

The surf was up!

Hampus is a really good skater!

When the weather crapped out we bailed

Folgefonna day 5

June 6, 2008

So nice weather here that its unbelievable, last year i was here it rained all the time, guess karma decided it was time for some sick sun! Today Hampus Mosesson and Jakob Wilhelmson joined the crew, we went directly to the skateramps and Hampus, Jakob & Knut started to session it, i decided to film a little. Then all of a sudden allergy strikes, my eyes and throat started to itch and the sneezing began. filmed a little more and gave up and got some medicine.

Up on the hill we went and we rode pretty much the whole day, got some sick shredding in the camera, and had a crazy good time on the hill! super mega awesome shredding for sure!!

And in good fashion it was barbecue and beach today again, the weather sure is awesome here.

Nightmare for an allergic filmer 😛

Hampus and Jakob joined today

Hampus shreds the skitrekktrase

Jakob spins one of

Stian flippin out

Grabs and pants are so last year, Knut tweaks it in shorts!

Folgefonna day 4

June 6, 2008

Yesterday was ok, we went up to the resort for the first time, and it wasn’t epic. The park had almost melted away so we just cruised around and did some followcams and rockjibs in the slush. The parkshaper rebuilt one of the bigjumps for us during the day so we went up for a eveningshoot. The sunsets here are pretty cool, and altough the jump wasnt huge we got some stuff on film.

Stian and Knut shredding.

Knut chilling while Stian is rockriding

They have nice sunsets in Folgefonna…

And Knut has nice methods

Folgefonna day 3

June 4, 2008

Today it was a little less wind, but still pretty windy though, we went up and built a slushy kicker over a glacier crack, looked pretty sick but after the first tries we realized that the landing was a bit to flat. Stian got a nice cab5 on it anyways. After that Knut did some attempt on a backflip to slide on your back combo, didnt work out that well though.

Then it was of to the beach for a swim and some barbeque. Tomorrow were gonna shred the resort for the first time, its gonna be sick 4 sure!

Its nice up here, but still windy…

Stian and Knut checking out the landing

Knut doing “bomben” on snow, bad idea 😛

Tan time!

Folgefonna Day 2

June 3, 2008

Windy as hell today, bluebird and sunny though, we went to the sea and chilled alittle, ate hotdogs again and waited for the wind to stop. That didn´t happen but we went up anyway and filmed some small funstuff and had a really sick jojosession upthere.

Going at it again tomorrow supposed to not be as windy as today and bluebird. Yeah!

Fjordmadness – Stian & Knut

Knut – Tailblock on a melting island of ice

Stian – doing some sick jojo tricks