Åre is done

Was in Åre with the Actionhorse crew a week ago, bad weather and almost nothing done, filmed the burton halfpipe invitational in blizzard conditions, check out the footage on transition.se

Joined the Bataleon guys on monday, for a rematch with the notorius Åre weather. And yeah for it! We had epic conditions, we managed to shoot all the stuff we were supposed to shoot the week before the first 2 days of the shoot. Pretty stoked on that! Highlights of the week includes Gidlunds fs1080 on the megakicker, Gullis poppy bs180s on the experiment and alot of fun lines in the Rhytm Section.

Had a blast the whole week with the bataleon guys, and after a little partying yesterday i drove down to Funäsdalen today, checked out the park were going to shoot with some of the nitro riders and it looks promising, nothing über big but alot of fun stuff! stoked! check out some snapshots from the past week.


Finally some nice weather!


The Rhytm Line


Gulli – Rockin a switch method

Gulli switch method

Julien and Tyler – Flipinflipout


Yeah for it!


Tore at the Experiment kicker


Gulli – floaty bs180


Andreas and Kalle checking out the floater

Andreas & Kalle

Kalle checking it from the lift


Andreas – madness big fs 1080spin


Good times! Andreas, Gulli and Byssa


Check out bataleon.com for more pics and stories!


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