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Mini edit

March 26, 2008

Havent made an edit for some time now, finally had the time to play around with some fun footage, the result is short but sweet 😉 hope you like.


A decade later

March 26, 2008

Watched MDPs Decade yesterday, and wow! Alot has changed the last 10 years, the way videos are made, the music thats in them, tricks, you name it nothings the same…

Except some of the riders that were killing it 10 years ago are still killing it today! 

And i still get stoked watching these old flicks. If anyone has a copy of Kingpin productions  Destroyer give it to me asap really want to see that one again.




It was a good day…

March 24, 2008

Went up to Gesundaberget today to film some cool stuff with Jonte, Sandy, Matte, Gidlund & Tobbe. Weather was really good and the park was in fine shape. Filmed a bunch of stuff with nitros jib crane that turned out pretty nice.

And in the afternoon my friend Göran did some cool handplants that i captured with my iphone. 



Building with snow

March 22, 2008

Been up in my homemountain preparing for the annual catasstrophy slopestyle, and its going really good! shaped a really cool feature tonight, and tomorrows contest is gonna be of the hook! Make sure to be there! Ost

Puppy love

March 22, 2008

My parents just got a new puppy, and i think im in love, she´s so cute! How can you not fall in love with that little furball?


Trysil & Kläppen

March 19, 2008

Was in Trysil and Kläppen yesterday, had to wake up way to early, drove to Kläppen and hooked up with Jonte, Matte & Nisse and continued to Trysil/Norway.Trysil had a pretty big jump and the kick was wide as hell, someone said 15m! Filmed som shots on it, and then we headed back to sweden and kläppen for the afternoon, we met Eiki and Gulli and filmed some small jibbs. 

Big ass Kicker in Trysil




Nisse – Bs5


Eiki – AlleyOop Suitcase


Gulli – FsRock


Sunday Shredd!

March 16, 2008

Went snowboarding in my local mountain Gesundaberget today, Jonte Nilsson was there watching his brother and sisters compete in some mogul contest so we shredded the whole day! Not the best park out there but really fun anyways!

 Jonte Nilsson watching the mogul finals. 

Jonathan Nilsson

Nice view over Siljan


Next saturday is the annual Catasstrophy slopestyle contest make sure to be at Gesundaberget then! Always loads of fun! 

These Days…

March 14, 2008

Transworld is making a snowboardmovie, looks like its gonna be pretty sick here´s a short teaser.
Went snowboarding yesterday, it was wet and foggy but fun anyway, goodtimes for sure! Would be nice with some good weather next week.. 

A week of madness and mayhem

March 10, 2008

Went to the nothern parts of Sweden last week with Halldor and Viktor, we hooked up with photographer Peter Lundström and rider Anton Gunnarson in Övik for some crazy stepup to rail combo, and that was just the beginning of the madness. We did so much crazy nextlevel shit. check out Peters blogg for more…here are some snapshots from my videocamera.

Anton – Stepping it up!










Anton – 5050bombdrop


Viktor – Huge ollie, Halldor came up short on this one, banged his knee in his mouth and knocked out a tooth. 


But thats not a reason not to smile 


Two days after the slam, Halldor stomped this monster downflatdown on his last try ( we got kicked out by security )  70steps!

Monster rail 

And he rounded of the trip by nosepressing down this 4kink


Gidlund Wins The Wängl Tängl

March 10, 2008

My friend Andreas won the 5star TTR contest Wängl Tängl in Mayerhofen/Austria this Saturday! Congratulations! He also won the best railtrick, Stoked for you my friend!